Friday, April 19, 2013

Bahrain's Jobs Security

            Manama 2013, April 19th. today is the first day of annual event in Bahrain and this is, one of the most important Calendar for Bahrain. Mostly people love to watch this event and as a big sport calender, Formula 1 Race is one of the biggest annual event in Bahrain. the circuit has been build beautifully in the center of the island riffa, which mostly is a reclaimed land. Lots of people gather from around the world and came to support their favorite team. Hotels, restaurant, and businesses in Bahrain is in their peak season this time. Some places can triple their income than their normal operation in a year. lots of opportunity came in here at this season. Road is always busy with expensive and fancy car. People love to walk at this time in sideways since the weather is still quite nice. It is warm and windy even me, i like to stay outside at this time. Saudi  people love this event so much. they got this benefit since the bridge between bahrain and Saudi it built. and also since it is very easy for them to have such an alcohol and party which is prohibited in Saudi. they usually came to Bahrain in a group or alone just to relax and spend lots of time and money in here. Bahrain is a peaceful country where the most local here are the friendliest Arabs people in middle east, the are very humble and easy going

             About 2 years ago some group of shi'a people trying to stop the Bahrain Formula 1, they named themselves as a group of February 14th. unfortunately they couldn't stop the event to be held in Bahrain, polices is securing in each every corner in Bahrain with their heavy vehicles, gun and armor as their protection. but even still the riot and protest continues until now. i really dont understand what is happening with this people, because this "thing" is one of the reason that made Bahrain's economic in a very bad situation, business is down and lots of foreigner been terminated since the business in Bahrain right now not a profitable section as before. some foreigner struggle and choose to stay here with some different option, one had to stay here but by letting the company reduced their salary and their benefit, and two they had to moved to a bigger and more secure company to keep themselves work for life for another risk they will take.

            So far even the business is going down and less than before but as you see everywhere in here, lots of new restaurants and hotels is open in this unsafe situation, it shows the business is regaining their trust from the new class of customer. the new era of Bahrain is begin and the job offer is increasing and some people can feels a bit more secure than before. government is working hard to satisfied the shi'a group and gave what they asked from the government. lets hope this peace situation will continue, so that we can have a great country to live on and make it as number one destination in middle east. Your pray is more than welcome so that we still can work and live here with our family, friends and workmate to have a better life in the future. (Allan Octesa,2013)