Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Between Chefs, Birkenstock and Safety Shoes....!!!

                Pick up Table 25...!!! Yes Chef, and all the commis chef start to answer the command from the head chef, this is a common routine in the kitchen while the service time is start, sounds from blackpan stove and even old refrigerator is a common thing in the kitchen, what else is common in the kitchen is shoes. for us the shoes is one of the important thing, for me i think the second important one after my knife's collection.

                In the beginning, at the first time i place my feets into the kitchen, i wore the safety shoes for work. but time to time i like to change this habit  because i found out that it is not quite necessary to use a safety shoes in the kitchen. since mostly i don't work in banquet anymore,
but even for chefs who works in banquet for a big function, i don't think it is necessary as well. because for me i believe comfortable shoes is for your future.

                I don't mean that safety shoes is not comfortable, but the thing is, it just too heavy. what i mean by heavy is like 1-1.5 kg per pair. so just imagine while you have to stand for almost 8-16 hours a day in the kitchen and you are carrying a heavy duty in your feet. it is so unnecessary. and why i mention birkenstock as the title because, as i wore so many different brand of kitchen shoes, start from kings, caterpillar, systems, japanese clogs, and last and until now i'm only wearing birkenstock (boston model). but from all those good brand, for me i prefer birkenstock than any other shoes.

              It weights only 500 gram per pair. so just imagine how comfortable your feet is. carrying it without any burden to wear it and specially, after your duty finish you won't feel any pain in your feet. bye bye pain bye bye stress....see, with the picture that i place in this blog, you can see how heavy is the shoes (i mean for the safety shoes). it has steel and heavy duty rubber and leather, which is good actually for a field worker like overseas and construction. but for chef like me, i don't suggest this shoes to be worn everyday. Trust me, once you try to wear birkenstock you'll love it so much and one more thing, this shoes also very strong and have a  great build quality. normally i can wear this shoes between 2-2,5 years. so, happy working guys (Allan Octesa,2013)