Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chef's Job and Office Workers in My Opinion

           I think this title can be a controversial post this time, since nowadays people start to think that being a "Chef" is really a promising job. Unlike before while people still see us in half naked eyes and said that being a chef is not a real job "common mate get a real job!!!". what they mean real job is working in the office with suit and tie, polished shoes and fancy car. but for me i don't think that kind of job is a fun thing to do. i feel like i'm in a jail specially with that tie and a "must" polished shoes.

           Couple Years ago i remember that when i said my job was a chef ,they start asking me how possibly a person like me can be a chef, i mean real chef. i didn't even ever show any interest about cooking at all. for me i'll eat everything whatever anyone served me. i feel that i can't say any bad thing about food because lots of people, even they couldn't get a meal in a day. even just a handful or rice or a spoon of porridge. they asked me like how much i earn from this job, is there any other benefit beside basic salary, how is the pension scheme etc and my answer is very simple. let say i'm a smart guy and very rich man but i don't have any talent in being entrepreneur then do you think i will become a richer man? the answer of course not, because we can't predict our future but we can make it happen. it all depends from what is your dream and how hard you work for that.

           I got into this job since my father asked me to work if i want to get some more money since i was 14 years old. that's the reason why i really appreciate this job so much. you can't get a job in the office if you are 14 or you don't have at least diploma or bachelor degree. unless if it is ok for you to become an office boy. and your job is only to serve the people with your tea or coffee. i don't feel that job is right one for me. since i was 5 years old i had this talent about art, i like to sing, dance, paint, theater etc. and actually what happen to me until now, it just happen by coincidence.

              When i was 14 years old i worked in one of the restaurant nearby my house, so what happen is, i finish my school hours then i go straight to the restaurant and work as dishwasher. that time i get get paid 650 escudo or let say around 6,5 euro. that time i spent almost 4-5 hours working everyday. my parents knew the chef and the owner, they are just like a far cousin from my father side. i work there for almost 8 months until i get promoted become a cook helper. even at that time i didn't expect to get a promotion. the Chef relly like me so much, he felt that i deserve to get this promotion even my age was only about 15 at that year. the reason why he wanted to promote me because accidentally he saw me keep smiling while i'm working in the dish-washing area.

            So, after that promotion i kept telling to myself that i shouldn't waste my time for a nonsense thing what normally teens do, like playing around and etc. i intend to focus myself while i'm still young so that before i'm old enough, i can have a relaxing time with my families. because i felt with my father business he never had enough time for us. so i can't really have good time with him since his schedule was hectically crazy. i won't repeat what i felt before to my children, so this the my story about me for not being a someone who work in the office with suit and tie, not because i hate them or i don't like the job but i feel that whatever job you do as long as you do it by heart and with hard-work it will get paid as what you did. keep this in your mind, when you have lots of knowledge and skill, money will comes after you. keep working hard and think positively then you will get what you wanting from whatever your job you do. and the most important one is, Pray to Allah and never forget that whatever you had right now is comes from Allah. (Allan Octesa,2013)