Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gadgets and Technology for "The Chefs"

Picture taken with DSLR Camera Sony Alpha 550
                 For Chefs knife is not the only one for them, we are using lots of gadget and high technology to support our work, such as laptop, iPhone  DSLR camera and the equipment, another laboratory equipment etc. Being a Modern and young chef is doesn't mean that you will stay in the kitchen
Picture Taken with iPhone 5
and cook for our guest only, but we are doing so many other job that not all people can do it, we do our preparation and cooking (for sure) we do our paperwork (food cost, recipe, staff data, profit&loss, etc) but we also do photography to make the best shot for each every dishes we made.

                 Some sample of the picture i took is in the blog this time, i really have to show to you what did i do in couple years and to show you that being a chef with art skill is becoming one of the additional point in your CV. but some of my picture also i did with the simplest way to take a shot, but with the quality which we can't say bad either. like used my iPhone 5 just to get a great picture. since iPhone 5 camera is one of the best camera outside for a mobile phone and lots of photography software also to support and edit you image direct after you took the picture.

                  Laptop also very important since with this gadget we can be more flexible in moving ourself to a place where we have to move. specially in my position right now as an Executive Chef in "Zoe" Alghalia Bahrain  i have to move a lot so that mobile gadget is very
important, of course it should be the subscription from telecom provider's 4G LTE and WiFi technology. nowadays technology without WiFi or or 4G is sounds impossible since whatever we do now is always online. shopping and buying vegetable also getting so easy, we don't have to go out just to buy some vegetable, because lots of groceries now having online system ordering and keep in mind the price of course higher than you buy in the market, but normally this system guarantee us with the very best quality of vegetable.

                Day by day the world is changing and everything about food as well, that's why as a Chef i have to keep updated with whatever happening in the world start from the fashion, gadget, lifestyle and gadget so that i still can compete with lots of younger chefs  there which now the are improving a lot since the modern world is helping a lot. but again whatever happen with the gastronomy in the world it will always remember that the food art is always comes from loves. (Allan Octesa, 2013)