Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Dessert "A" Must after Your Main Course?

             Most all of us don't find it is a must, since sometimes when we have this particular dish to end our meal. since some people is on dieting program, some
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doesn't like sweet at all and some people are just don't want to spend that much money just for that. i think it is quite fair because even myself sometimes i just want to skip this course just go straight home or for a coffee and tea instead.

            for example when i go to restaurant with my wife, i don't usually order since i always let my wife choose what food for me. i'm very easy with whatever food she choose, even at home i will eat whatever she cooked for me. for example a bowl of rice with noodles or maybe pizza with chocolate dessert is ok with me. i found out that for some people after my interview with them, 60% like to skip the dessert mostly because they already feel too much for the mains and another 30% just doesn't want to spend more money for the dessert. What interesting is 10% of them decide not to answer the question because not affecting the meal at all.

               well, lets talk about what kind of dessert that i like. for me chocolate is one of the best thing in the worlds. i like it so much since i was a kid, i still keep eating this beautiful things until now. it just giving me lots of sensation about my feel. sometimes i feel happy after ate chocolate or the other way around and even sometimes i felt sad.

              I did some research that a great-testing piece of chocolate inevitably makes us happy inside. of course, it doesn't hurt that chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), a natural substance that’s reputed to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love. That’s why, even at a times when we feel down, anything about chocolate feels so comforting.
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             Well thats what the research say about chocolate, but for my opinion from an eye of the common people, what chocolate has is the texture and the flavor that actually make us feel relax and comfort. i mean just feel and remember how it taste when it melted in our mouth and you feel a little bit bitterness and sweat on it. this kind of feeling we always keep in our mind, days or even weeks.

             There are two different type of chocolate, which is called white chocolate and the other one is dark chocolate. but do you know that white chocolate isn't chocolate at all, because the white chocolate consist only cocoa butter, powdered milk, sugar and a bit salt. then the question is why people calling it chocolate then. i try to do a research in the internet but haven't find any reasonable answer to satisfied my question.if any of you know what is the reason and when the history of white chocolate begin, feel free to post a comment in this blog. at least lots of people will learn more by doing this together.

(Allan Octesa,2013)

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