Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Resep Martabak Manis

Resep Martabak Manis Video Part 1

               To all the Indonesians Foreigner around the world, it must be frustrating for you, if one day you miss Indonesia a lot and don't know what to do.
Indonesian Thick Pancake Dessert
               With blog today i want to share some tips how to make this famous Indonesian dish called "Martabak Manis". I did this video couple years ago, that time i was really craving to have this food. since i'm a chef, i tried to make one and it was a huge succeed not because i never make it but because even i'm only using simple home equipment it did taste like martabak and the texture is just as good as the original one. well i will not mentioned any recipe or even the procedure in how to make martabak manis in this blog today,instead of i would like to share the video that i made years back.

Resep Martabak Manis Video Part 2
           Thanks to Youtube and the information technology today, to make everything easy, unlike couple years ago when telecommunication still not in their best era. to communicate with our relatives back in hometown, it's way too expensive or difficult. Nowadays BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook or even Twitter can be used as new way to communicate.  this social media also had a big improvement day by day to accommodate people's need. it is very easy for us to share our though, our photos or even videos. well i can say that some of the youngster today do lots of useless thing in internet by being over actively useless. It's better for them to use their time wisely, and do more work instead of playing.

           Nowadays it is very easy for us to find any recipes from different country or even in different language translation. but again sometimes it doesn't mean that we can do the recipe very well. This is the reason why i made these videos to help you in making this famous dish from Indonesia, specially for all Indonesian foreigner abroad.

                Please enjoy these video and share it to all your friends, specially to the other Indonesian Foreigners in your country other nationality is welcome as well. Hope this video will help a lot so that we don't have to feel sad if we miss Indonesian food and we can't do it at home. whatever you see in these video has been adapted to our home cooking equipment in the easiest way. happy cooking
(Allan Octesa,2013)

Resep Martabak Manis Video Part 3