Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zoe's Fine Dining & Lounge in Manama, Bahrain

Dining Area in Zoe Restaurant
             In Manama Bahrain, there is this one area that famous because of the culinary complex they have. this area called Adliya, and in this area also it is a place where one of the oldest fine dining venue been built 15 years ago. people used to call this restaurant "Zoe". The concept that they offered is casual fine dining and lounge bar. well, we can say that this kind of concept actually very easy to find everywhere right now, but as one of the oldest fine dining restaurant in Bahrain, Zoe already did great job with the concept for a very long time ago.

             The food they are serving is based on The International Cuisine with little twist of Arabia Mediteranian. The New Executive Chef Allan Octesa has brought this amazing twist on a New Mediteranian Cuisine way further more interesting and better. anyway He is actually kind of unique, since He had this combination of half portuguese and  half indonesian blood that he got from his parents. He also had lots of experience and worked with Michelin Star's Chefs while he worked and travels around the world. Name it Gordon Ramsay, Santi Santamaria, Claude Bossi, Fabrice Canelle, and more. His Molecular Cuisine influenced has brought Zoe to the new level. What he is trying to do now is to make balancing between flavors and simple fresh ingredients so that we can have the sixth taste in our meal .we called this as "Umami" in Japan. He believes that combination a lot of taste,will stimulate someone's taste. in their sense and will re-imagine the new flavor that we'll always keep in our mind forever like love.

            With his talent, he is going to bring back Zoe into the best era as when as the first time they opened this restaurant 15 years ago. Being only 28 years old, he sure has lots of experience and strong enough to hold the leadership and be the front line in Alghalia Family. Zoe isn't a freestanding restaurant, but is it parts of one biggest group company in Bahrain named Alghalia. Alghalia itself has many diversion in his business such as Farm, Spa, Restaurants, Banquet, Hotels and Construction. The CEO which is Kuwaiti National has putting all the trust to Chef Allan Octesa to regain the satisfaction from Zoe's Guest.

             The New Menu is already been prepared and tried so many times with best is the result. he will start the new menu with full of confidence and compliment from Zoe's guest. In shaa Allah within one or two months when all the Marketing's and Promotion Department is ready, menu been printed, Zoe will launch it. and later on, with much improving business in Bahrain, Alghalia is planning to open another branch for their restaurant business. hopefully within next year we already can see another branch of Zoe Fine Dining in Manama. don't forget to pass by to Zoe when you visit Adliya, Manama. Bahrain and taste the beautiful foods from Chef Allan Octesa and team. (Allan Octesa, 2013)