Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cycling or Driving Car for Work?

             This is a serious matter for some people whether to choose bicycle or car as their transportation for work.
the benefits of each are very different, let say with bicycle you can have a healthy lifestyle and cheaper cost since bicycle doesn't use any petrol, but some bicycle price are ridiculously expensive, some of them can reach 8000 usd. even how expensive the bicycle is, it is very different if we compare with car transportation. whether private or public one or even personal car. every choice has different benefits and loss.

              I'd like to ride bicycle if the place for work just about 5-15 minutes by walk, but if it is too far, for example 1-3 miles, i prefer to ride my own car. it is easier and less headache. work in the kitchen will take lots of my time daily, let say, 16-18 hours i spent mostly in the kitchen and less at home. I'm really lucky that my wife and families understand with the situation that i have right now.

             Car in middle east are cheaper by almost half from the price in other country, even the gasoline, so actually driving car in here are the best way to commute to other place, since the weather in Middle east also not a friendly one. June-August are the season where the temperature can reach 45-55 degrees of Celsius at noon, and 35-45 Celsius at night. just imagine afternoon you ride bicycle with this heat and high humidity in Middle east, mostly people will say "NO" for a bicycle or motorbike at this time.

            But again like i said before for me, it is just a 5 minutes distance instead of miles away. i prefer to ride bicycle more than car, the reason are that bicycle is more faster (since we don't have to find a parking space) as you all have to know that in Bahrain and Middle east the only problem from the car mode transportation is Parking Space. Car is way cheaper than motorbike and the weather as well makes people intend to drive car more than any other transportation.

            I love my bicycle that i bought in one of the mall in Bahrain, it is not the cheap nor the expensive, i think it is just the exact amount of money that i want to spend for just a Bicycle. for me the important one if the bicycle itself should have a light body weight with a strong quality product, i prefer to have carbon instead of aluminum since aluminum still left of the heavy weight if we compare with carbon fiber body. But again, with this different matter, it will affect the price as well. whatever is your transportation that you drive for daily work routine, it should match with our characteristic and useful for you and your family. set your budget, see your needs and buy just exactly for what you need if you don't want to waste your money for nothing. (Allan Octesa, 2013)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Development Chef Vacancy in Bahrain

A big group in Bahrain Manama is searching a qualified Development Chef to work in our Newly Opened Development Test Kitchen to supply Our Restaurant Group

Job Task:

  • To work together with Chef Allan Octesa, to provide New Gastronomic Cuisine and to be a Trendsetter in Bahrain.
  • In Future to provide Deconstructed Items for Culinary Purpose for every Restaurant and Hotels in Bahrain.
  • To Provide The Needs of Experimental Ingredients for Kitchen Ingredients
  • Work everyday finding some New Challenge and New Recipe to be developed


  • Previous Experience in Molecular Cuisine Restaurant for At Least 5 Years
  • A qualified Chef de Partie as previous experience
  • A Bachelor of Science (Food Technology and Nutrition) is more than welcomed
  • A Diploma of Culinary Art
  • Management Skill (Accounting, Human Resources, Staff Development, Molecular Gastronomy)

Any interested candidate can send their CV to, just mention in the Subject "Development Chef"

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bloggers or Real Jobs for your Income

                I started this job 2 weeks ago actually, and i never planned to do this job. but day by day i'm writing this blog, i feel like this is an addicted things. a day without writing in my blog makes me feels empty. i heard lots of people resign from their real job just get their financial from this blog. i haven't reach into this level yet, but i believe soon i will get what we called passive income.

                 Couple year ago i had my very own YouTube channel, mostly all the time i sang or made some videos in there, some of it famous and can reach more than 50 thousands viewer and some just only hundreds. i feel that what i do that couple year ago just for a hobby thing. i never had such an idea that by putting all of our thought in this blog can make such huge amount of money.

                 The more i do this writing thing, the more i'm enjoying it day by day, i like to share whatever i had in my mind everyday, either it is just a simple recipe or even just a nonsense like this. at least i'm not lying to anyone for what i've done, what i do just put all my thought so that i can share all my experience, and it is also gonna be great if people can reply and give some feedback about what i do, or any review i did.

                 Well, this two week feels so fast, i didn't even realize that its been two weeks. the very first time i did my blog is when i buy this Google package for a website which cost me around 10 USD per year. at the first thought that is it really worth to spend that much money just for a blog, when you also can get a free website address by paying nothing. the difference is that paid with paid website you can choose whatever name you like (as long as it is available in the net) if it is not available do not worry cause that the website itself will give you some suggestion for you to choose. and if you choose to get the free one you'll have to deal with an extra name in your site such as

Remember one thing, when you want to choose your very own website it should be something unique, simple and different, also the name should represent for what you are going to do in your website. somebody tried to offer me that they'll make a website design for me but with some money as consequence. for me i thing i will use free spot from Google Blogspot idea, since it is very simple, they'll also provide you with whatever you need in your site. and with this blogspot address, you can link this into you very own website. Last,but not least let see what is gonna happen in this in the future, will i expand the service or will i stop just like my previous experience with this all social media things. if you have any other concern please feel free to give any comments below. (Allan Octesa, 2013)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Designer Chef's Uniform vs Wholesaller

             As you all know, today chef uniform are not the same like five to ten years ago. what we are wearing now, sometimes was made by some designer or at least in a good quality textile. the model is more variable right now, some are stylist looking and some are just simple model either Japanese style with robe to tight in our back or just classic western style with double button which reside-able. the price of each jacket nowadays is also have a huge difference starting from 10 dollars until 1000 dollars depend on what material you use and whose the designer.


            The hotels branding matter also make all the uniform used to be from their concept for example Armani Hotel in dubai or Bvlgari Bali. their concept in making the uniform are very unique since they can promote their clothing brand but they also making lots of profit from the hotel
itself. Some places now even they do to design chef's uniform as we like, we can choose from vary of materials and colors, design and the price of course will affect on what we choose.

            Lots of factory also now sell this thing for wholeseller, this will be a cheaper price with medium quality, but we also can decide whether we would like to have the better material one then we buy it as a wholesaler items price. It is very easy nowaday to find Chef's Stuff everywhere, not like 5 years ago. after the booming of culinary industry everything is becoming so easy for us. Branded knife such as Victorinox, Zwilling, Global, etc are everywhere in the shopping centre.

             Culinary student are very happy right now since whatever they need is always easy to get, unlike me couple years ago i even have to go buy from online shop and sometimes they charge big amount of shipping fee,for example i supposed to pay 100 USD and because of shipment fee i have to pay 200 USD. The Culinary world are now becoming more famous, people don't see us in an half naked eyes anymore. but there are some consequences from this matter as well, such as lots of unprofessional chef are calling themselves "Celebrity Chef". anyway, there is always positive and negative side from every matter, the important thing ones is that we just do our best for whatever it is we do and pray to Allah, so that whatever we do will get good rewards and will be a beneficial for others. (Allan Octesa, 2013)