Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cycling or Driving Car for Work?

             This is a serious matter for some people whether to choose bicycle or car as their transportation for work.
the benefits of each are very different, let say with bicycle you can have a healthy lifestyle and cheaper cost since bicycle doesn't use any petrol, but some bicycle price are ridiculously expensive, some of them can reach 8000 usd. even how expensive the bicycle is, it is very different if we compare with car transportation. whether private or public one or even personal car. every choice has different benefits and loss.

              I'd like to ride bicycle if the place for work just about 5-15 minutes by walk, but if it is too far, for example 1-3 miles, i prefer to ride my own car. it is easier and less headache. work in the kitchen will take lots of my time daily, let say, 16-18 hours i spent mostly in the kitchen and less at home. I'm really lucky that my wife and families understand with the situation that i have right now.

             Car in middle east are cheaper by almost half from the price in other country, even the gasoline, so actually driving car in here are the best way to commute to other place, since the weather in Middle east also not a friendly one. June-August are the season where the temperature can reach 45-55 degrees of Celsius at noon, and 35-45 Celsius at night. just imagine afternoon you ride bicycle with this heat and high humidity in Middle east, mostly people will say "NO" for a bicycle or motorbike at this time.

            But again like i said before for me, it is just a 5 minutes distance instead of miles away. i prefer to ride bicycle more than car, the reason are that bicycle is more faster (since we don't have to find a parking space) as you all have to know that in Bahrain and Middle east the only problem from the car mode transportation is Parking Space. Car is way cheaper than motorbike and the weather as well makes people intend to drive car more than any other transportation.

            I love my bicycle that i bought in one of the mall in Bahrain, it is not the cheap nor the expensive, i think it is just the exact amount of money that i want to spend for just a Bicycle. for me the important one if the bicycle itself should have a light body weight with a strong quality product, i prefer to have carbon instead of aluminum since aluminum still left of the heavy weight if we compare with carbon fiber body. But again, with this different matter, it will affect the price as well. whatever is your transportation that you drive for daily work routine, it should match with our characteristic and useful for you and your family. set your budget, see your needs and buy just exactly for what you need if you don't want to waste your money for nothing. (Allan Octesa, 2013)