Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Development Chef Vacancy in Bahrain

A big group in Bahrain Manama is searching a qualified Development Chef to work in our Newly Opened Development Test Kitchen to supply Our Restaurant Group

Job Task:

  • To work together with Chef Allan Octesa, to provide New Gastronomic Cuisine and to be a Trendsetter in Bahrain.
  • In Future to provide Deconstructed Items for Culinary Purpose for every Restaurant and Hotels in Bahrain.
  • To Provide The Needs of Experimental Ingredients for Kitchen Ingredients
  • Work everyday finding some New Challenge and New Recipe to be developed


  • Previous Experience in Molecular Cuisine Restaurant for At Least 5 Years
  • A qualified Chef de Partie as previous experience
  • A Bachelor of Science (Food Technology and Nutrition) is more than welcomed
  • A Diploma of Culinary Art
  • Management Skill (Accounting, Human Resources, Staff Development, Molecular Gastronomy)

Any interested candidate can send their CV to, just mention in the Subject "Development Chef"