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Healthy Living Tips Ala Prophet Muhammad, Which Proven by Modern Medical Science

MODERNIZATION does provide a lot of convenience in the affairs of human life. All become faster paced, more practical, and certainly more efficient. But modernization is not something that remains without flaws.
Modernization in some ways it has been overwhelming, more precisely not able to handle the problem is essential. Among other health problems, both physical health or spiritual health.
Although the theory of growing health and continue to try to find a solution so far the disease of human life, in fact increasingly today people increasingly susceptible to illnesses. Not just physical but spiritual as well as disease.

Just look around us, every day there's always people who complain got thrush, abdominal bloating, shortness of breath, gout waist, and so forth. Even diseases that once only affects certain people; diabetes, kidney, heart disease, food poisoning, now already be familiar with almost all walks of life with different ages.
This means that the modern, it turns out the problem is not too little. Disease more frequent and increasingly vicious attack anyone.

 On this fact, a contemporary scientist, Fritjof Capra claimed to be surprised by this era (modernization).
Through his book, "Turning Point of Civilization" he argues, today's world is very strange indeed, supposed experts proficient and understand the subject matter they are actually now also no longer able to solve the pressing problems that arise in their areas of concern.

Economists fail to understand inflation, an oncologist at all confused about the causes of cancer; psychiatrist disrupted by schizophrenia; police so powerless against crime continues to rise.

Special health problems, further Capra wrote that modern humans are threatened by water pollution and food. Both types of human consumption is contaminated by various toxic chemicals.
According to him, in the United States, the ingredients of synthetic food additives, pesticides, plastics, and chemicals that circulate in the markets is estimated at one thousand kinds of new chemical compounds each year. It means that toxic chemicals have become an integral part of human life.
So, not surprisingly, is why people in this modern era is quite vulnerable to disease. Not just those who are old, who was on standby young children even had extra was fairly guarded.

Disease threatens every moment

Why is the disease being so close to humans and threaten every moment?
There are many factors that trigger it. Starting from a pragmatic perspective employers foods, instant paced lifestyle in the community, to the stage where people have started less concerned with religious Shari'ah in terms of food.

Recently (11/08/2011) Data Center Hospital Association of Indonesia (PDPERSI) reported that, Agency for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released, as many as 1,416 items processed foods on the market do not meet the requirements. Ironically, the total is approximately 73 293 products packaging.

In terms of diet, the community also has a lot to implement an unhealthy diet. Like eating without begin and end with prayer, even while walking, but it is still much that is not used washing hands.

Modern medical world says that, eat a good way is to sit down and calm manner. It allows the body's energy directed towards the food being digested. Digestive enzymes will also work in unpleasant conditions.

To further perfect the digestive process, shall set aside at least ten minutes to eat in a relaxed atmosphere. While we are constantly Dhikr, how good God is so great to us. Viewed from the side manners, sit and eat in a way not in a hurry shows a good character.

Whereas the Messenger of Allah has given an example of 14 centuries ago, before the release of the medical world that eating should sit, calm and in no hurry. Islam even teaches to launch with a prayer. Similarly, in terms of cleanliness.

Eat Ala Prophet

To maintain health or avoid illness, food is the most visible factor that must be considered. However, a crucial addition to the type of food itself, a way of eating is very necessary to be considered.
Therefore prophet had any tips on how to eat activities which are basic human needs that truly bring optimal health and not have a negative impact.

1. make sure the food is halal and which is obtained either and does not contain haram elements.

وكلوا مما رزقكم الله حلالا طيبا واتقوا الله الذي أنتم به مؤمنون

"And eat halal food again better than what God has give to you, and fear Allah, that ye believe in Him." (Surah: Al Maidah: 88).

Do not forget to always have the intention of eating and drinking to strengthen the body, in order to conduct worship, and other things that may be useful for human being muttaqin.

2. Muslims eat only after hungry and stop before satiety.
The modern world was startled by the 'disease' of new, namely obesity. Overweight if left unchecked will invite more diseases. And, obesity is certainly the beginning, although not all, often stems from excessive eating habits. Therefore eat enough and do not overdo it.

3.Washing hands before eating,
if in a dirty or when not sure of the cleanliness.
"If Rasululllah Sholallahu Alaihi Wassalam while he went to bed in a state junub, then he made ablution in advance and when about to eat, he washed his hands first." (Narrated by Ahmad)

Healthy Ala Prophet

In the Islamic view, health is not only physical, but also spiritual. What if faith kropos healthy weight? Certainly very good if faith is also a healthy strong body.
Food is not the only cause of various diseases. Although a variety of physical ailments more commonly caused by food.

One thing that is important simply proven to be effective in minimizing the disease struck us was the confidence and strong will to implement religious law which has been exemplified by our prophet.

Although we have been eating a nutritious diet, regular exercise, but we mentally troubled, often angry, grumble, and the most pleased envy of others. You can bet we will be far from a happy life, making it susceptible to various diseases (high blood usually), the main spiritual disease that will ultimately have a significant impact on physical health.

Islam as a doctrine that is tauhidi, never damning one aspect and ignore other aspects. A common saying in the perspective of Islam not only fit his body, but also primed his faith, both moral and noble temperament.

How can we fit body and soul? Here are the steps;

First, get up before dawn or early morning to qiyamul Lail. For those of you who are students / students you can write in the quiet time. More Afdhal also if you wake up praying and praying. Because prayer at night time terkabulkannya likely large enough. And, do prayers in congregation in the mosque Shubuh.
If your home is fairly a bit far from the mosque, the conditions are very favorable indeed. You can walk to the mosque. So, in addition to the reward of a much larger, you can also work out at the same time while enjoying the cool air in the morning.
If you do this routine, walking will make more regular blood circulation, and blood will come in large numbers to the blood vessels are present throughout the body, so as to reduce or even eliminate a lot of fatigue caused by lack of blood supply around the corner bodies in some diseases.

Secondly, as much as possible do not easily emotional or irritable. Rasullullah saw, warns us, "Do not be mad, do not be mad, do not be angry." This menunujukkan that the nature of health and strength lies in jasadiyah Muslims are not alone, but that is further underpinned by the cleanliness and health of the soul.
If you are the type of person who likes to get mad, or easily provoked emotions and anger, the Prophet gave the following tips;
Change position when angry, when standing then sitting, then lie down and when sitting
Read ta 'awwudz, the anger of Shaytan
Immediately ablution and pray two rak do to achieve peace and eliminate anxiety heart

Third, do not envy other Muslim brothers. Happy if his grief stricken and if your brothers blessed is disgraceful attitude and can scorch our own good reward.

"Beware of hasud (envy and jealousy), hasud actually erode the rewards as fire consumes wood." (Narrated by Abu Dawud)

Fourth, always pray to Allah SWT to be given health. Intestate Prophet told us, "Ask God to salvation and afiat. Something really has no God-given after conviction (faith) is better than a healthy afiat. "(Reported by Ibn Majah).

Fifth, multiply fast.
One time, the author met a mosque in West Jakarta Grogol. He was already more than 70 years, but still physically strong. He was able to clean the mosque and up and down the stairs every day.
When asked, what's the secret, the answer is pretty short, "Empty your stomach twice a week and multiply drinking water with prayer. Any machine can be damaged if not serviced, "he replied simply. Subhanallah.
True, fasting, and prayer is one way of human servicing in order to remain physically fit. The Prophet had advised, the practice of fasting, contained many health benefits. "Your fast ye surely you will always be healthy."
By paying attention and trying to apply prophet in their daily way of life, God willing, we will not only physically healthy, our souls will always be maintained.
So, let's begin to imitate the prophet alive now. And Allaah knows best. * / Imam Nawawi

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Relationship between Chefs and iPhone on the go...!!!

          With the new announcement of WWDC 2013 at San Francisco, once again Apple has done a great job. the newest update they do is way greater than any other Operating System around the globe. Android is great with another more choice of apps but with the limitation of great design and viruses, Windows 8 is not a bad choice either with great design and the cloud computing system but with the lack of choice in apps. Blackberry still with the second best messaging system after whatsapp (based from my opinion) way just too boring if we compare with other Operating System.

          Apple just release the newest iOS from their family what they called iOS 7. The different from this Operating System with the previous one is "a lot". they do radically designing their boring OS after more than 6 years ago. Sir John Ive is the most contributor after he took the position as well as Chief of iOS. with his speciality in designing all the apple product, he really success to bring the fresh air for the new family of iOS. 

          A lot of thing has been changed in this newest update, such as the icons, start screen, image, photos and videos capability, etc. at the end this just what i can say that Apple still releasing the best product in the world. I'd like to quote what Phillip Schiller said in the conference "can not innovate anymore, your ass!!!"... hahaha. what i like from this attitude is that, whatever happen in the world and the rumour said. if we trust in our skill forget about others and what people said, and that is what apple did.

          The best thing that ever happen with me since i'm using this iPhone thing was the "CAMERA". by being a Chef we need to have an idea of whats happening in the world specially with "food photography". and iPhone camera was the best mobile camera ever i've used in my life. i don't even have to bring my professional DSLR camera again at work while i'm shooting my food for advertising and socializing the new menu. 
          All i can say is that iPhone is still the best mobile phone in the world. nothing can be compared to this beautiful thing. the design, the apps, the way they placed their icon, and all the proportional they did in their OS was uncomparable. so please Apple keep continue to make a great product for us, so that a lot of people will get the benefit of your product "from apple fanboy". (Allan Octesa, 2013)