Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Relationship between Chefs and iPhone on the go...!!!

          With the new announcement of WWDC 2013 at San Francisco, once again Apple has done a great job. the newest update they do is way greater than any other Operating System around the globe. Android is great with another more choice of apps but with the limitation of great design and viruses, Windows 8 is not a bad choice either with great design and the cloud computing system but with the lack of choice in apps. Blackberry still with the second best messaging system after whatsapp (based from my opinion) way just too boring if we compare with other Operating System.

          Apple just release the newest iOS from their family what they called iOS 7. The different from this Operating System with the previous one is "a lot". they do radically designing their boring OS after more than 6 years ago. Sir John Ive is the most contributor after he took the position as well as Chief of iOS. with his speciality in designing all the apple product, he really success to bring the fresh air for the new family of iOS. 

          A lot of thing has been changed in this newest update, such as the icons, start screen, image, photos and videos capability, etc. at the end this just what i can say that Apple still releasing the best product in the world. I'd like to quote what Phillip Schiller said in the conference "can not innovate anymore, your ass!!!"... hahaha. what i like from this attitude is that, whatever happen in the world and the rumour said. if we trust in our skill forget about others and what people said, and that is what apple did.

          The best thing that ever happen with me since i'm using this iPhone thing was the "CAMERA". by being a Chef we need to have an idea of whats happening in the world specially with "food photography". and iPhone camera was the best mobile camera ever i've used in my life. i don't even have to bring my professional DSLR camera again at work while i'm shooting my food for advertising and socializing the new menu. 
          All i can say is that iPhone is still the best mobile phone in the world. nothing can be compared to this beautiful thing. the design, the apps, the way they placed their icon, and all the proportional they did in their OS was uncomparable. so please Apple keep continue to make a great product for us, so that a lot of people will get the benefit of your product "from apple fanboy". (Allan Octesa, 2013)