Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to Build a CV with Strong Characteristic and Unique Identity

          Many of you have lots of difficulties in building your career so far, and even all the hardwork you've done wasn't good enough to pay all your experience and expenses. most of you are working in a not good company that you can't learn a lot from them and some of them don't even have a future on.

          I will share some of my experience while building my cv in my career so far blog this time. but before that lets share and discuss how is you are going to do with the new job?. Are you really working hard to get this thing, or just by luck is your only expectation. for me i believe in work that all the success that i had is all comes in a degree of coded i believe in 10:30:60. what is that number? some of you might curious to know what's the meaning of thats numbers. that is a comparison that i do while explaining that in work wise for a successful career you ned to do 60% of hard work 30% or knowledge and 10% of luck.

          so don't you ever dream of getting a good position, good salary good reputable job by luck, because nowhere in the world that thing will happen. for example you are very lucky but you don't have the knowledge, do you thing you are going to be a great manager?, or you are very hard work but you never wants to improve your knowledge, do you thing you deserve to get 5000USD salary per month?. of course it is impossible. there is no example like that in the world.

          but anyway we won't discuss about work matter right now, but we will discuss about how to build a strong foundation of yourself before you even enter the competition in applying the job. based on my experience and all the application i've send to my previous employer, these are "the things" that you have to look after in your cv:

1. Picture of Yourself
         The picture should be a different show (just imagine the employer are having hundreds of cv on their table and all the picture are just the same?) while you have the different pose of yourself
          pros: they will see that you have a confidence which will make them interested in your cv
          cons: if you are not careful enough you will end up having a bad pose (if you are not used to          stand in front of camera with a different and style of pose, it will just looks weird)

2. Main Structure Design
         The design of your cv should be clean enough and don't make a lots of words on it, don't even do a "story" in your CV.(remember the employer doesn't have time to read your story of life, they are looking for someone to fill the empty position in their company so they will need it to be as easy as they can to get someone new.)

3. Information Inside
         FYI, the employer who got the cv are professionals and qualified person, so that you don't have to explained all your duty responsibility in your cv, if in case they want to know what did you do before, trust me they will ask you in the interview time (remember this is even before they decide to interview you). If you want to add some of your rewards and recognition from some company or any institute, please explain it in short words, at the end they will not care for what have you don't in the past

4. Repeatable Pages
        When you make your CV make sure that the information you put in there are very interesting one, let the employer open the pages of your cv back and forth just to make sure that you are qualified enough, you are special enough, or you are unique enough to be at their company. make an interesting design, interesting content and interesting words in your cv. Remember treat CV same as how you treat your jewelry. this is about your future and your career.

5. Characteristic
       And for the final subject is all about characteristic, whatever your position right now, whatever your attitude, please make sure that overall explanation in your cv is shown enough to the employer that you have your very own style and characteristic. with this thing trust me, the first step in getting a new job is already in your hand, and the next step what you have to do id how to do a great interview that will make the employer always remember with your interview even until you resign rom that company in the future.

          We will discuss about how to do a great interview in another time, after you are sure about your capability and specialization in work and ready to start building your new shining CV to be presented to your new company. we'll do a step by step procedure on how to do a great interview in the next topic. keep reading this blog and share it to your friends, because its not only you'll have some new updated and information about chef etc, but you'll have some information also about recipe, job vacancy etc in here. please help me spread this blog to the world and to give some foundation to this website by only clicking any of the "Ads" that lying down all over the web, ciao (Allan Octesa, July 2013)